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Parent Flyer Online

We are glad that you have joined the CVS Sundevils Swim Team!
Our goal is to make sure that everyone on the team wants to come back next year.  We want you to have fun, to improve your swimming skills, and to enjoy athletic competition in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
To get as much as possible out of this experience, it is important to understand how the team operates, what to expect from your teammates and your coaches, and who to approach if you have questions and concerns.  We have designed this page to give you this information.  Please read it carefully and refer to it often throughout the season.

Registration fees are $40 for the first swimmer in a family, $30 for the second, $25 for the third, $20 for the fourth, $15 for the fifth, and $10 for the sixth, and $5 for the seventh.   You are welcome to `TRY US OUT' for a few days as long as the team has a completed “Release of Liability" form.  
Two Basic Rules will hold you in good stead...

If you are a parent and have a question related to one of your swimmers, PLEASE SPEAK TO THE COACHES.  Swimmers are also encouraged to talk with the coaches about anything.  If you have a question about management of the team or parent related activities, please speak to one of the parent coordinators.  

Coaches:                 Megan Farley       Rebecca Bolton     Shannon Riley      Sydney Shapiro            

The second rule is, PUT IT IN WRITING.  Once the season starts, things go very quickly.  It is easy for your coaches to forget something they are told after practice or in the middle of a meet.  If you put it on paper, they have something they can refer to.  The team has a system of Family Folders to facilitate communication.  Just write a note and put it in the folder of one of the coaches or parent coordinators.  

***** Afternoon Practices  *****
Monday through Friday
10 and under practice is from 4:30 - 5:30pm
11 and over practice is from 5:30 - 6:30pm

***** Morning Practices  *****
(The coaches want to give time to the needs of swimmers by age group.)
Monday - 10 & Unders from 9:45am to 10:45am
Tuesday - 11 and old from 9:45am to 10:45am
Wednesday - All swimmers
Friday - All swimmers

Please try to arrive 5 minutes before practice to participate in any pre-practice activities and be fully prepared to practice.

PARENTS: Please do not discuss matters with the coaches during swim practice.  If you need to talk with them, please do so after practice.  Also, please do not talk to your children during practice.  It is distracting to the coaches and the other swimmers.
Swimmers are assigned practice times based upon age AND skill.  For example, some 10 year olds may be asked to practice at 5:30pm.  Coaches will make final decisions on practice times once they have had the opportunity to evaluate the members of this year's team.  
Generally, you must practice at least once leading up to a meet to swim in that meet.  If this requirement is a problem because of work, vacation, or family matters, please advise the coaches.  Please note that this is a minimum requirement.  If you are on the team, you should plan on practicing every day that you can.  The more you practice, the more you will learn, the stronger you will become, and the better you will swim.

Swim Meet Line-ups
During the regular season, lineups are set to give everyone a chance to swim at each meet.  Not everyone will swim the same number of times each meet, but you can expect it to even out over the season in your age group as long as you can swim each stroke legally.
There are exceptions.  If you miss practice or the previous meet without giving notice, you may not be scheduled for the following meet.  Each season, an optional Relay Carnival is typically held.  If CVS participates, we can't always swim everyone in the Relay Carnival, given the size of our team and the number of slots available.  For that meet, we will be focusing giving those who may not make Invitationals more chances to swim.  Similarly, the Invitational is a special meet in which swimmers must earn the right to swim.

Swim Meets
There is a meet almost every Wednesday and Saturday during the season, starting Wednesday June 21.  The only exception is Wednesday July 24 when we have no meet.  Meets  begin at 7pm on Wednesdays and 8am on Saturdays.  For HOME meets, be at the pool by 6:15pm on Wednesdays and 7:15am on Saturdays.  For AWAY meets, be at the
Wanegarden Pool parking lot by 6:00pm on Wednesdays and 7:00am on Saturdays.  We will caravan together to the site of the meet.
****** PLEASE NOTE:  The league requires the coaches to submit the final line-up prior to the start of the meet.  In order for the coaches and parents supporting the meet to finalize the line-up and the meet cards in time, swimmers must be present and report to the coaches by the start of warm-ups (Wednesday Meets, 6:30pm and Saturday Meets, 7:30am)  If they are not, the coaches will replace them with a team mate.

No Shows
Line-ups for meets are always set a day or two in advance.  Tell the coaches in writing as soon as you will know you will miss a meet.   If you are scheduled to swim and do not show, the coaches may decide not to allow you to swim in the next meet.  Last  minute juggling of line-ups means that coaches cannot do their jobs properly.  Even worse, team mates must sit and stare at open lanes when swimmers simply don't show up for meets.  Please accept your responsibility as a member of the team and keep the coaches informed of your plans.

The GGSL Invitationals Meet

The final meet of the season, the Invitational, will be held at Churchill South on Saturday, July 21.  In general, entries for this meet are limited to the 2 fastest swimmers on the team in each event.  There is some flexibility in terms of relays.  The coaches may also exercise some discretion if the 2nd and 3rd fastest swimmers are close to each other or if the 3rd swimmer in one age group is faster than the qualifier from an older age group.  
The lineup for invitational will be posted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at practice.
Challenges may be held at the discretion of the coaches the week prior to Invitationals.  However, no swimmer will be allowed to bump another swimmer out of the an event in the meet unless the challenger would not otherwise be entered in that event.

Mini-Meets and Special Events

The CVS Sundevils will participate in a number of special events during the swim season.  Mini-meets are special meets limited to younger swimmers.  Participation in all such events  is optional and there may be a modest additional fee to cover  expenses.  This season, Stratford Knolls is once again holding their mini-meet.  It will be on Monday June 25, 2007 at Stratford Knolls pool.