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Liability Form

Release of Liability

THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between                                                             , as parent and legal guardian of                                                      , (hereinafter known as “Parent”) and the owners, directors, officers, agents and coaches of the Churchill Village-South Homeowners Association, Inc. and/or the Churchill Village South Swim Team (hereinafter collectively known as “the Association”) on this                day of                         , 2007 .

Permission and Release

The above named Parent does hereby authorize and permit the above named minor child to participate in the Swim Team activities conducted by the Association.  

In consideration for the privilege of participation in said activities, the Parent does hereby, on behalf of her/her minor child RELEASE, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the Association from all liability for damages and injuries of every kind to the person and property of the Parent's minor child.  This release of liability shall pertain to injuries and losses occurring on or off the Association premises, during or because of Swim Team practice, travel, competition or related activities.

Assumption of Risk

The Parent does hereby acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent in the very nature of Swim Team activities, including the risk of bodily injury.  It is understood that such risks include, but are not limited to, impact or contact with natural or man-made objects, chemicals, substances, or other persons.  It is further acknowledged that injury may arise from known or unknown health problems and from foreseeable and unforeseeable causes.

Having fully considered the risks, the Parent does hereby ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISK involved in the Swim Team participation and does hereby RELEASE the Association and its heirs or assigns from any and all liability for injury or loss as herein described.


Swim Team Member                         Parent or Guardian



Swimmer's Date of Birth ____________________________________