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2009/2010 Winter Swim Opportunies

Attention High School families! For those swimmers going into high school, I think you'll find that high school swimming has one thing in common with summer, it's a blast. For those kids who have grown up summer swimming, it will really re-invigorate them for the sport too. Teammates and school friends make for a great combination. Let's also not forget that school sports are economical. High school swimming is an awesome experience and we couldn't recommend it more highly. Remember that the high school swim season is a winter season. Get info from your school's athletic department and go for it!

Here are the smaller clubs in the area. They are close by and many of our parents know them.
Coach on Deck Swimming (Quince Orchard)

Joe Flaherty's Dolphins (Quince Orchard)

Hydrosonic Tibuerones (Quince Orchard)

The larger clubs are as follows. They many locations and options .
Curl-Burke Swim Club

Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club

Do you have a high school athlete who plays fall, winter, or spring, get them in top condition by keeping them working out. Swimming is fantastic for the soccer player or basketball player AND is a low risk for injury.

If you have an athlete who is overcoming injury, swimming is also a great way to keep in shape and not be swallowed by the couch while recuperating!

There are so many great reasons to keep those kids swimming and grow their love of the sport. Please consider the winter swimming options and as always, call if you need.